is a full service technology management and support company. Our approach is professional, collaborative, and client-oriented. We have an extraordinary team linked by an advanced infrastructure and a common "Do It Right" philosophy.

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We are always expanding our expertise and the services that we offer. In short, we do whatever it takes to get the job done, and done right!

Here are a few examples of the kinds of services we offer:

Work with your architect to include technology infrastructure into their creations

Work on the construction site, supervising or installing the technology infrastructure

Specify and facilitate the purchase of recommended hardware & software

Install and setup your servers, workstations, and peripherals

Work with you to design a workflow that makes best use of your technology investment

Develop custom databases & software to better manage your business

Train your staff on the use of the technologies available to them

Provide proactive maintenance and monitoring of critical infrastructure

Provide Help Desk, Service Desk, and System Administration services


We hire the best, then make them better. We do this by providing an engaging work environment, challenging projects, inter-disciplinary learning opportunities, and exposure to leading edge technologies. We have a staff of insatiable problem solvers. While each of our techs certainly has their own unique strengths, they all possess an unusually broad skill set. At DeepTech, no one stands alone; your lead technician is always backed up by our entire team.

Craig Waldman Craig Waldman

Craig Waldman

Craig has over 24 years of experience supporting technology.  He is most at home finding creative, technical solutions for our clients and has used his skills for everything from designing and implementing home automation systems to corporate systems integration.  His main role is guiding the growth of the company and developing the DeepTech Way.

Ann Cloyd Ann Cloyd

Ann Cloyd

Ann has over 15 years of experience supporting customers. She is an expert at tailoring the correct technical solution to the individual client's needs and is in great demand among our customers. So much so, that we sometimes have to remind clients that we have other technicians available to support them. Sadly however, she has steadfastly refused our requests to have her cloned.

Frank Barletta Frank Barletta

Frank Barletta

Corey Todeasa Corey Todeasa

Corey Todeasa
Director of IT

Clarissa Versteegh Clarissa Versteegh

Clarissa Versteegh
Director of Service Desk

Paul Torrisi Paul Torrisi

Paul Torrisi
Director of Account Management

Jeremy Blanden Jeremy Blanden

Jeremy Blanden
Director of System Engineering

Hillary Matlin Hillary Matlin

Hillary Matlin
Customer Success Specialist

Michelle Diaz Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz
Customer Success Specialist

Will Chew Will Chew

Will Chew
Technical Account Supervisor

Enjoys listening to music and watching movies that get you thinking, like Inception.

Desmond West Desmond West

Desmond West
Technical Account Supervisor

Christopher Kerry Christopher Kerry

Christopher Kerry

Balancing the best of both world, when Christopher is not trying to learn something new with scripting, automated computer deployment, networking or just something Apple. He is on an adventure rock climbing, backpacking, biking in all sorts of weather through out NYC or educating others on how to get outside. Passionate about what every he is working on when things go south he's got your back.

Joshua Cintron Joshua Cintron

Joshua Cintron

Andrew Wong Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong

Jesse Shaffer Jesse Shaffer

Jesse Shaffer

Princess Jones Princess Jones

Princess Jones
Procurement Specialist

James MacDonnell James MacDonnell

James MacDonnell

Jazmin Quesada Jazmin Quesada

Jazmin Quesada

Chris Araujo Chris Araujo

Chris Araujo

Charlie Patton Charlie Patton

Charlie Patton

Sara Isabel Garcia Reyes Sara Isabel Garcia Reyes

Sara Isabel Garcia Reyes
Provisioning Technician

Ian O'Malley Ian O'Malley

Ian O'Malley


DeepTech, is currently hiring, Apply now, and you can try to join this team!

Located in the heart of Manhattan at:
240 W 37th St, New York, NY, 10018

  • Our offices are ideally located to provide a quick response to our clients throughout Manhattan. By utilizing state of the art software, we are able to remotely support our more distant customers efficiently, effectively, and securely.

  • DeepTech, Inc. was founded in 2000, by Craig Waldman and Ann Cloyd.
    As co-owners of the business they divide their primary focuses. Craig's focus is on improving and evolving the DeepTech method while Ann's focus is on customer relations, and tech wrangling.

  • We have adapted what Craig learned from his enterprise support days and to provide a new level of support and best practices to small and medium sized businesses.


DeepTech technicians are not compensated on a commission basis.


DeepTech technicians are full time employees, not outsourced freelancers.


DeepTech's core business is service and support, not sales.


No obligatory monthly fees, or early termination fees.


No block purchases or pre-paid contracts required.


Flat rate plans are available upon request.


Convenient monthly (not per-incident) invoices show you a detailed, itemized accounting of all your charges.


We bill to the 1/4 hour after the initial one hour minimum, not the typical 1/2 hour.


We offer regularly scheduled proactive maintenance visits to help you avoid costly down time.


DeepTech is committed to transparency.

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Why haven't we heard of you before?

Simple, we don't advertise. We depend on the word of mouth of our existing client base. It keeps us motivated to do the best job possible, and keep our clients singing our praises. It's important to us that we don't out pace ourselves. In our opinion too many companies grow too big, too fast, and the quality of their work suffers under the weight of all the new customers. Ultimately performance and reputations suffer. DeepTech is here for the long haul. We don't believe in sacrificing the relationships we have with our loyal clients, for the short term gains from a stream of new customers.